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The Roof

The roof structure consists of softwood rafters, hips and ridges.


The roof structure consists of softwood rafters, hips and ridges. We offer 3 main styles of roof.

  1. Gable (good for 2 storey buildings where you want to maximise floor space)

  2. Barn hip

  3. Full hip (not on a 2 storey)



In our full package we can offer the supply and fit of tiling using our roofing contractor or you can use your own. Our roofing contractor will cover the structure with a waterproof membrane and cut and fix treated battens. The roof is then covered with your preferred tiles.

There are several different types of roof coverings including plain tiles, slate and cedar shingle. It may be necessary to choose a style that is in keeping with the surrounding area or to match an existing building.

The tiles we offer are usually concrete or clay, machine made or handmade.

Plain Roof Tiles: These are the most common style of roof tile installed on buildings and homes in the UK. They can be clay or concrete, available in numerous colours and are versatile as they can be used for dormers and conical roofs.

Handmade Tiles: These are more traditional and have different natural tones to them and so give more character to a roof.

Machine Made Tiles: These are the cheaper option but they are more unified in finish.


Spanish Slate: This is another good roof covering, apart from its beauty, it can resist frost and freezing damage due to its low level of absorbing water. They are good for low angle roofs.



In our full package we can include supply and fit of gutters. Our roofing contractors can fit the gutters, usually made from plastic but there are a number of other options.

Our oak framed garages have different roof styles and options of materials




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