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Oak Framed 2 Storey Garages

By maximising the roof area valuable space can be created to incorporate a first floor within your oak frame. This could be perhaps for a home office, a games room for a snooker table or gym, living accommodation or perhaps that sewing room or longed for art studio.

We have a range of standard two storey oak frames and again, bespoke frames can be produced from your architect’s plans  or your own designs.  Access to the first floor can be either externally or internally.

Extra height can be added to our oak frames to give more head room in the first floor. Extra height is created by adding a dwarf wall to the oak frame. Dwarf walls come in two different sizes 600mm x 900mm. These begin from the first floor level to raise the roof height thus creating the maximum space

Custom Design

Our oak framed 2 storey garages are ideal for having living accommodation or play areas above the garage area.


You can design your very own one or two storey garage and create your own bespoke quote.


To find out more call 01732 866910 or email

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