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About Us

Crown Oak Buildings started over two decades ago, we have grown over time to a small strong team designing, constructing and delivering beautiful oak framed buildings. Our confidence comes from merging old and new, to incorporate the practical experience in our team who use age-old tried and tested approaches alongside the visionaries who have had the confidence to innovate and implement new technology into our processes. Trust in us as we have constructed hundreds, maybe thousands of oak timber frame buildings throughout the UK. We supply oak framed buildings in Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire on a supply and fit basis. We are based on the Kent, Surrey and Sussex border and can offer extra services within the local regions if required.

We will supply oak framed buildings nationwide including Guernsey and Jersey. We use sustainably sourced green oak and utilise contemporary methods of construction to create buildings which are not only built to last, but actually improve over time. Our oak framed homes are wonderful to look at and to live in; traditional at heart yet thoroughly geared for modern living. Whether your oak frame project is small or large, our approach is the same. We take time to get to know you and your lifestyle so that we can design an oak framed structure which suits you, your location, your style and your budget completely.” We also manufacture and supply self build oak frame kits. This service provides you with your requested oak frame building in a packed form.

All our oak timber frame buildings are manufactured in our workshop to your specification thus ensuring that all the joints are precise and then numbered accordingly. Instructions, Engineer’s Building Calculations and all the materials that you have specified are then available in a pack.


At Crown Oak Buildings we are passionate about quality and sustainability, that is why we only source our oak from sustainable and managed forests in Europe, preferably Germany. Our efforts to conserve the environment and reduce our footprint span from aiming for a paperless office to reducing our waste and offcuts. Choosing oak as your timber frame is effective in terms of sustainability, as it stands up to fire longer than steel, it looks better with age, and is expected to last for around 300 years or more. At the outset we are mindful that our designs take in the natural environment and blend in with existing architecture. To boost the eco credentials of your oak framed building consider fitting it with the latest renewable technology, insulation systems and glazing for a more green approach.

Closeup of freshly cut logs

Our Materials

We are sometimes asked about preserving the colour of an oak building. Left untreated oak will naturally mellow in colour over time turning to a silvery grey colour. You can seal or treat oak with a UV protector to retain the golden colour but this does not last forever and so repeated coats will need to be applied. Oak has natural characteristics like knots and grain like most timber to add to the beauty and charm of the product. We also get asked why small splits or cracks occur. Splits and cracks appear in oak naturally, as it dries out it shrinks across the grain. This will not affect the structurally integrity of the building, we allow for shrinkage in our plans and the appearance will be sure to give the building more appeal.

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